The Performance of Synchronization Algorithm in Real-time OFDM—PON System

Yuelin Du, Jingxian Zhang


In OFDM-PON system, the synchronization signal is very important. We use  synchronization signal to get a whole OFDM signal. Due to the real-time system,  we  need  to  get  the  fast  change  signal.  So  get  a  true  signal  is  very important and very hard. That is to say, we need to design an excellent algorithm to get finish this demand. This is another point of this project. In the paper, the author designed a new algorithm to solve the problems. we use some simulations  to  compare  the  performances  of  different  algorithms  to  get  the further  understanding.  In  the  experiment,  we  use  more  detail  algorithms  to estimate if it is useful in real-time OFDM-PON system. When the SNR is 10, we can get the synchronization signal correctly.



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