Enhancing interaction and learning experience for deaf students through sign language translator

Dian Nugraha, Safira Faizah, Mohamad Zaenudin


The study addresses persistent communication barriers faced by students with disabilities, particularly the deaf, by exploring challenges, presenting breakthroughs, and introducing an innovative solution-a sign language translator (SLT) using motion capture technology. This groundbreaking technology, deployed through the ADDIE model and validated with user acceptance testing (UAT), successfully integrates into the learning management system (LMS) at SLB Bina Insani Depok, demonstrating its efficacy in bridging communication gaps. The results suggest a notable increase in efficiency for tasks such as t2, t3, and t5, highlighting the system’s improved ability to direct users to the LMS homepage, the SLT page, and translate words into sign language, respectively. The study suggests further development in advanced animation to enhance the learning experience for deaf students and recommends progressing toward the total communication (KOMTAL) system for comprehensive communication preparation, ultimately aiming to create an inclusive and dynamic learning platform for the holistic development of deaf students.


Deaf education; Inclusive learning; Motion capture technology; Sign language; Total communication

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i3.pp1730-1738


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