An efficient and low cost realization of LoRa based real-time forest protection system

Gobinda Prasad Acharya, Lavanya Poluboyina, Jayaprakasan Veeragamoorthi, Chattopadhyay Joydeb


The forest is a natural habitat for a variety of fauna and flora, and helps to maintain the ecosystem equilibrium. However, wildfire incidents and deforestation lead to forest degradation. Moreover, most of the existing methods, to preserve the forest resources, are ineffective due to their large establishment cost, more power consumption, and poor coverage. This paper brings out a sustainable solution by developing a forest protection system (FPS) that uses internet of things (IoT) technology together with long range (LoRa) communication. The work focuses on the development of an IoT framework for the detection of any intrusion into the forest as well as the detection of fire incidents in the vicinity of the equipment. Powering the equipment through solar energy makes the system cost-effective. The system is examined in terms of acquisition of data from sensor nodes pertaining to forest protection, relaying the same to the cloud using LoRa wide area network (LoRaWAN) technology and analyzing using cloud based visualization tools. The developed system has been deployed at Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Mulugu district, Telangana, India for validation in the forest environment. The obtained results have shown that the system has an accuracy of 97.14% for intrusion detection and 100% for fire detection.


Cloud technology; Forest protection; Internet of things; LoRa; LPWAN

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