An efficient healthcare system by cloud computing and clustering-based hybrid machine learning algorithm

Palayanoor Seethapathy Ramapraba, Moorthy Radhika, Sokkanarayanan Sumathi, Jayavarapu Karthik, Nachiappan Senthamilarasi


Cloud computing, deep learning, clustering, genetic, and ensemble algorithms in healthcare are gaining popularity. This research highlights the relevance and complex repercussions of this integration. Cloud computing is transforming healthcare by providing scalable data storage and application access. It streamlines data exchange between hospitals, researchers, and institutions. Deep learning allows healthcare systems to use artificial intelligence for diagnostics, predictive analytics, and customized medication. Clustering algorithms segment patients, improving therapy and intervention customization. Genetic algorithms can optimize healthcare processes like treatment planning and resource allocation. Ensemble algorithms combine multiple models to improve predicted accuracy, enabling strong healthcare decision-making. This connection has several benefits. Healthcare systems become more efficient and scalable, resulting in cost-effective resource allocation. Access to patient data and apps promotes collaborative research and real-time healthcare. Deep learning algorithms can recognize complex medical data patterns, improving illness diagnosis and treatment results. Clustering algorithms streamline customized healthcare by stratifying individuals by clinical variables. Genetic algorithms optimize resource allocation, assuring healthcare resource efficiency. Ensemble algorithms improve predicted accuracy and clinical decision support system dependability. Its efficiency, accessibility, and prediction accuracy are positives, but security, resource constraints, interpretability, and ethical issues are obstacles.


Cloud computing; Clustering algorithms; Deep learning; Ensemble algorithm; Genetic algorithm

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