Analysis of the parasitic capacitance effects on the layout of latch-based sense amplifiers for improving SRAM performance

Van-Khoa Pham, Chi-Chia Sun


Static random-access memory (SRAM) technology is utilized in designing cache memory to enhance the processing performance of computer systems. The sense amplifier (SA) circuit, a crucial component of memory design, significantly impacts data access time and power consumption. In comparison to conventional differential sense amplifiers (DSA) designs, latch-based sense amplifiers (LSA) used in memory-based computing platforms have specific requirements, including robust noise resistance in harsh working environments and low power consumption, particularly for internet of thing (IoT) embedded computing applications. However, the performance can be degraded due to various factors that arise during the layout, such as conductor resistance or the development of parasitic capacitance. Therefore, this study employs low-voltage 22 nm UMC CMOS technology for LSA design layout and analyzes the factors influencing design performance post-layout process. Layout design optimization techniques are applied to mitigate the impact of parasitic capacitance on important signal lines such as data line/data line bar (DLL/DLLB). Based on the performance analysis results, it is possible to achieve a reduction in power consumption of up to 15% and a 5% decrease in read delay time by implementing circuit layout LSA design optimization techniques.


Data access speed; Latch-based sense amplifier; Parasitic capacitance; Power consumption; Static random-access memory

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