Analysis of converter transformer pressboard insulation degradation under surge using mathematical morphology

Shrikant S. Mopari, Dagadu Shankar More, Anjali S. Bhalchandra, Pannala Krishna Murthy, K. M. Jadhav


Nowadays, with the significant expansion of industrial growth, the bulk power requirement can only be satisfied through high-voltage direct current HVDC transmission. The converter transformer is the utmost vital part of the HVDC transmission. Pressboard insulation is most commonly used as inter-disc insulation in converter transformers. During working conditions due to elevated temperature and different operational stresses, insulation material gets deteriorated. It may cause a risk to the life of the converter transformer. The effects of elevated temperatures as well as frequency on pressboard insulation of the converter transformer are examined in this study. The condition evaluation and morphological changes in pressboard insulation at elevated temperatures can evaluate with the help of frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques. The impact of elevated temperatures on insulation material can be analyzed based on surface roughness and dielectric parameters. In MATLAB Simulink environment, a dual winding single-phase converter transformers valve side star winding 60 discs model is constructed for impulse test. Based upon arrival time and velocity of traveling wave, insulation degradation location can be identified by using mathematical morphology. The simulation results demonstrate that the suggested method can notably located degradation across disc winding.


Atomic force microscopy; Converter transformer; Elevated temperature; Fast fourier transform ; Frequency domain spectroscopy; Mathematical morphology ; Pressboard insulation

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