Large file encryption in a reduced-round permutation-based AES file management system

Jerico S. Baladhay, Heidilyn V. Gamido, Edjie M. De Los Reyes


In the rapid evolving digital landscape, the imperative to ensure data security has never been more crucial. This paper addresses the pressing challenges in data security by introducing a file encryption management system, leveraging a modified advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm with reduced round iterations and bit permutation. This system aims to comprehensively secure various file types, providing a dependable solution for file exchange. Our findings reveal substantial improvements in both encryption and decryption processes using the reduced-round permutation-based AES (RRPBA). The adapted algorithm demonstrates a significant 38.8% acceleration in encryption time and a remarkable 44.86% improvement in decryption time, positioning it as a pivotal component for efficient file operations within the management system. Moreover, the throughput assessments showcase a remarkable 33.73% improvement in encryption and 23.72% in decryption, outperforming the original AES, emphasizing the algorithm's superior computational effectiveness, signaling positive implications for future high-performance applications. In conclusion, the study not only addresses critical security challenges but also presents a viable solution with tangible speed advantages for file encryption and decryption processes within digital file management systems.


Algorithm; Encryption; File management system; Permutation; Security

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