Blockchain technology integration in service migration to 6G communication networks: a comprehensive review

Ahmed Al-Ansi, Abdullah M. Al-Ansi, Ammar Muthanna, Andrey Koucheryavy


The next generation of wireless networks, 6G is being designed with data-intensive applications. One of the key technologies that will enable 6G is blockchain technology. The emergence of blockchain technology and 6G networks has revolutionized service migration. Service migration in 6G networks is a complex process that requires the integration of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and network slicing. Motivated by these facts, this comprehensive review includes an overview of blockchain and service migration integration in 6G. First, state of art, development frame work and related works were introduced. Then, we used content analysis by WordStat software and bibliographic analysis by VOSviewer to analysis the current status of service migration and blockchain integration in 6G networks. Next, patterns and characteristics, benefits and challenges and potential cases were reviewed. Then, we proposed an architectural blockchain-based model including decentralized architecture, edge computing, network slicing, software-defined networking, and 5G-6G interworking in 6G. Finally, we described potential application service migration-based in 6G networks including digital twin (DT), holograms, robot avatar, high density internet of things (IoT), AR and VR in 6G and collected open research and future directions of service migration and blockchain.


6G communication network; Artificial intelligence; Blockchain; Comprehensive review; Service migration

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