Stacking classifier method for prediction of human body performance

Noer Rachmat Octavianto, Antoni Wibowo


A healthy body is the capital of success and supports human activities. To maintain health, humans need to avoid disease. A healthy life is everyone’s dream and should start early. Busy activities often hinder a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, it is important for every individual to lead a healthy lifestyle. Human activities determine health and the implementation of a healthy life. One method that can perform classification with machine learning is extreme gradient boosting (XGBoost). XGBoost is one of the techniques in machine learning for regression analysis and classification based on gradient boosting decision tree (GBDT). By using gradient descent to minimize the error when creating a new model, the algorithm is called gradient boosting. In determining a classification starting from determining the model to the results, usually only using one algorithm method, and combining other methods together with the method is an algorithm called random forest classifier. Among these merging methods are, stacking classifier, voting classifier, and bagging classifier. The conclusion obtained from the results of this research is that the test results show that the stacking classifier achieves the highest accuracy of 76.07%, making it the best method in this research. And the stacking classifier has a precision of 76.96%, recall of 75.83%, and F1-score of 75.81%. This shows that the model has a good balance between the ability to provide true positive results and the ability to recover positive data.


Bagging classifier; Random forest classifier; Stacking classifier; Voting classifier; XGBoost

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