Effects of Pr3+ -activated BaZrGe3O9@TiO2 phosphor compound on light emitting diodes validated by computer simulation

Le Thi Trang, Le Xuan Thuy, Nguyen Le Thai, Thuc Minh Bui


The Pr3+ -doped BaZrGe39 gallogermanate phosphors are reported to have a well-defined successive deep defect structure that effectively mitigates thermal carrier fading. This phosphor also presents a red emission with a peak at 615 nm, originating from the Pr3+ transtition from 1D2 to 3H4. We investigated the impact of Pr3+ -activated BaZrGe3O9 (referred to as BZG:Pr) on the lighting characteristics of light emitting diodes (LED) packages in this paper. By combining BZG:Pr with TiO2 particles and silicone, we produced a phosphor layer (designated as BZG:Pr@TiO2). The optical performance of the resulting LED was systematically examined by varying the TiO2 doping percentage. Our findings reveal that the incorporation of the BZG:Pr phosphor enhances the red spectral component, thereby contributing to improved homogeneity in color distribution. However, a progressive increase in TiO2 content within the phosphor layer corresponds to diminishing luminous output and decreased chromatic rendering efficiency of the LED. Employing a lower concentration of TiO2 proves advantageous, as it capitalizes on the scattering-enhancing attributes while leveraging the red emission of the BZG:Pr phosphor. This synergistic approach yields a favorable balance between luminosity and color quality, enhancing the LED’s overall performance.


Ca14Mg2(SiO4)8: Eu2+; Color quality; Green-emitting phosphor; High luminous flux; White light emitting diodes

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i3.pp1482-1488


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