Improved vigenere using affine functions surrounded by two genetic crossovers for image encryption

Hamid El Bourakkadi, Abdelhakim Chemlal, Hassan Tabti, Mourad Kattass, Abdellatif Jarjar, Abdelhamid Benazzi


This paper presents an improved method for encrypting color images, surpassing the effectiveness of genetic crossover and substitution operations. The technique incorporates dynamic random functions to enhance the integrity of the resulting vector, increasing temporal complexity to thwart potential attacks. The improvement involves integrating genetic crossover and utilizing two extensive pseudorandom replacement tables derived from established chaotic maps in cryptography. Following the controlled vectorization of the original image, our approach initiates with a first genetic crossover inspired by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) behavior at the pixel level. This genetic crossover is succeeded by a confusion-diffusion lap, reinforcing the connection between encrypted pixels and their neighboring counterparts. The confusion-diffusion process employs dynamic pseudorandom affine functions at the pixel level. Then a second genetic crossover operator is applied. Simulations conducted on a diverse set of images with varying sizes and formats showcase the robustness of our method against statistical, brute-force, and differential attacks.


Chaotic map; Genetic crossover; Hybrid circuit; Pseudorandom functions; S-Box

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