Game-based augmented reality learning of Sarawak history in enhancing cultural heritage preservation

Clive Lai Yi Cheng, Goh Eg Su, Johanna Binti Ahmad, Tole Sutikno


The augmented reality (AR) technology had been proliferating for years. However, the implementation of AR technology still has room to be explored, especially in the form of cultural heritage preservation. The aim of this study is to enhance AR technology in game-based cultural heritage and history preservation in Sarawak, as well as supplement the gamified experiences in learning James Brooke’s history. Three research objectives are proposed: to design an AR game prototype for the history of James Brooke; to develop an AR game prototype with a collaborative learning element; and to evaluate an AR game prototype for enhancing cultural heritage preservation. This study proposes a game-based prototype that contains AR markers to assign each with different game features. Furthermore, collaborative learning theory is enhanced through AR experiences with multiplayer support. The game-based prototype is evaluated by a group of participants through prototype measuring and testing. The participants feel mediocre about the challenge and knowledge factors of the prototype. Overall, this study highlights the enhancement of cultural heritage preservation through AR game-based experiences intensively learned from James Brooke’s history in Sarawak. These implementations have an apparent promising contribution to make in protecting the available cultural heritage in Sarawak and extensively to the country’s cultural heritage preservation.


Augmented reality; Cultural heritage; Game-based; Location-based; Multiplayer

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