Spatial domain noise removal filtering for low-resolution digital images

Zaher Salah, Waleed T. Al-Sit, Kamal Salah, Esraa Elsoud


n this research work, six different filters are applied on a low resolution 8 b/pixel gray-scale images, which operate on small sub-images (windows of 3×3 to 11×11 pixels). The enhanced images are used to compare the efficiency of the different six filters using the peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) image quality measure. Noise peak elimination filter (PSNR)=36.63) outperforms others, such as median filter (PSNR=36.61), while corruption estimation (PSNR=36.03) significantly cuts processing time by only processing the corrupted pixels while maintaining image details. Mean filter (PSNR=34.05) is sensitive to outliers, which cause the image's sharpness and fine features to be lost. By avoiding averaging across edges, bimodal-averaging filter (PSNR=35.30), which improves on the mean filter, chooses the mean of the biggest population. The median-mean filtering (PSNR=36.32), which combines median and mean filters and determines the output pixel by averaging the median and some nearby pixels, is another improvement above averaging.


Digital image processing; Filtering; Low-resolution images; Noise detection; Noise removal

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