An Improved ip-iq Reactive and Harmonic Current Detecting Method

Wang Cunping, Yin Xianggen, Wen Minghao, Zhang Zhe


Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is a widely used power electronic device to achieve dynamic reactive power compensation and improve the power quality of the system. The ip-iq current detecting method is generally used for STATCOM reactive and harmonic command current detecting. However, it is required that the compensation point of STATCOM be the same as the load current detecting point when using the traditional ip-iq method, limiting the flexibility to choose the installation position of STATCOM. To solve this problem, this paper proposed an improved ip-iq reactive and harmonic current detecting method, both voltage phase angles of the load point and the STATCOM point are used, making the installation position of STATCOM no longer limited by the load current detecting point. The improved ip-iq current detecting method is applied in the DT-STATCOM system, and the simulation results verify the correctness and effectiveness of the improved ip-iq current detecting method.



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