Analysis on Seismic Response of UHV Electric Equipment-Support Structure System

Cui Cheng-chen, Lu Zhi-cheng, Zhu Zhu-bing




To analyze the influence of the equipment and support structure on the system seismic response, two-particle model for UHV electric equipment-support structure system was established. The seismic response of the system was calculated by mode-superposition response spectrum method. The case study on the typical 1000kV electric equipment-support structure system verified the availability of the two-particle model. Based on the structure characteristics of UHV equipment and support structure, the effect of support structure on the system seismic response was obtained by parametric analysis about stiffness and mass of support structure. It was showed that suitable support structure could reduce earthquake load of equipment and improve seismic resistance of system. Conclusions provide reference for the design of support structure.



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