Traffic Impact Simulation for Road Construction Project

Yazao Yang, Xiaoni Hao, Junshao Luo


With the increasing traffic contradiction between supply and demand, urban traffic problems have become quite complex. Reasons for traffic congestion have become much more diverse. During the construction of urban road project, the surrounding road network will encounter a huge impact, traffic problems therefore emerged. Simulation is an important means for transport impact assessment, which has an important role for construction traffic impact analysis. Accordingly, traffic simulation is particularly important for policy setting and traffic organization. Taking an improvement project of Changjiang rapid road in Zhongshan city for example, this paper used the professional simulation software Vissim to analysis the impact of Qiwan road during the construction project. The simulation and traffic evaluation results can give some forward-looking and targeted measures about traffic safety, traffic organization, road facilities alteration and so on. The traffic impact analysis results shown that traffic safety and high-efficiency transport system must protected by good traffic re-organization projects and the simulation method is an effective mean to actualize traffic impact assessment.



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