IoT blood pressure monitoring system

Norlezah Hashim, Nurbahirah Norddin, Fakrulradzi Idris, Siti Nur Ilmani Mohd Yusoff, Madiha Zahari


The number of patients in hospital keep increasing every year and the Ministry of Health must carry heavy liability to provide health services to the best capacity to all Malaysian. There is a need to simplify the monitoring process inside hospital in Malaysia. IoT Blood Pressure Monitoring System (IBPMS) is designed and developed to help monitoring the patient’s blood pressure remotely. This project used Raspberry Pi as a gateway to view the reading online. The reading from the blood pressure can be viewed from Telegram applications and email. Result showed the design is capable to transfer the data from blood pressure detector through the network using USB TTL serial cable which is directly attached to Raspberry Pi. User can view the blood pressure reading continuously from Telegram application and email service.


IoT; Blood Pressure; Raspberry Pi; Telegram; Gmail

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