An efficient test suit reduction methodology for regression testing

Shailendra Gupta, Jitendra Choudhary


This paper's goal is to provide a more effective algorithm for reducing the amount of test cases in a test suit during the regression testing phase. This algorithm divide the entire test suit into equivalence classes in first step and then apply boundary value coverage to select test case out of repeated test cases which has same importance in test suit. This algorithm is based on the concept that before selecting best test cases out of repeated test case in test suit to prepare reduced test suit we can divide all test cases in number of equivalence classes so number of test case under consideration reduced by great extend. This paper proposed a method of experimentation involving test cases from different software application areas; minimization algorithms and the maths and algorithms of minimization algorithms in details. Test case techniques are equivalence portioning and boundary value analysis. Along with this concept, I also discuss a case study to verify and check new algorithm for its efficiency, for that I apply my algorithm on one of the program or group of program. This complete proposed methodology shall be applied to different software applications belonging to soft computing, Engineering software, Financial Software, Cloud Applications, Business Applications, AI and Machine Learning, Data Analytics are being identified. This selection has been made keeping in mind the trends, industrial importance, economic values and research challenges. Minimization in test cases would lead to lesser testing effort and desirable test completion.


Method of Experiment Test Suite Minimization methods, Test case, Test case generation

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