Energy aware optimized dynamic routing mechanism in wireless sensor networks

Geeta Patil, Arvind Mallikarjun Bhavikatti


A trade-off between energy efficiency and optimized routing is massively recommended for transmission efficiency enhancement in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Therefore, in this paper, graph-based energy optimized dynamic routing (GEODR) mechanism is introduced to set up a balance between energy consumption minimization and throughput enhancement using a dynamic and optimized routing mechanism in WSNs. A clustering scheme is employed based on graph theory, and cluster boundaries are formed using distance vectors. Cluster head (CH) selection is performed based on residual energy, the distance between CHs, and the mobility of the sink node. Each cluster is scattered with multiple tiny nodes, and event monitoring is performed. A model for graph-based dynamic routing to transmit data packets, cluster and cluster boundary formation, and optimization of routing problems is discussed. The performance efficiency of the proposed GEODR mechanism is determined by taking 100 sensor nodes, and 20 nodes are selected as CHs in a sensor network, and several other network parameters are also considered. A massive improvement in energy is observed by using sink node mobility. Experimental results are obtained using the proposed GEODR mechanism in terms of data packet transmission, alive nodes, dead nodes, and residual energy and compared against classical routing mechanisms such as low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) and stable election protocol (SEP).


Cluster head; Data packet transmission; Graph-based energy optimized dynamic routing mechanism; Sensor nodes; Wireless sensor networks

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