An improvement to hybrid beamforming precoding scheme for mmWave massive MIMO systems based on channel matrix

Zahra Amirifar, Jamshid Abouei


The massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology has been applied innew generation wireless systems due to growing demand for reliability and high datarate. Hybrid beamforming architectures in both receiver and transmitter, includinganalog and digital precoders, play a significant role in 5G communication networksand have recently attracted a lot of attention. In this paper, we propose a simple andeffective beamforming precoder approach for mmWave massive MIMO systems. Wefirst solve an optimization problem by a simplification subject, and in the second step,we use the covariance channel matrixfCk=Cov(Hk)andBk=HkHHkinstead of chan-nel matrixHk. Simulation results verify that the proposed scheme can enjoy a highersum rate and energy efficiency than previous methods such as spatially sparse method,analog method, and conventional hybrid method even with inaccurate Channel StateInformation (CSI). Percentage difference of the achievable rate ofCk=Cov(Hk)andBk=HkHHkschemes compared to conventional methods are 2.51% and 48.94%, re-spectively.


5G network; Channel matrix; Hybrid beamforming; Massive; MIMO; Optimization; Precoding

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