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Vol 12, No 1: January 2014 A New Underwater Acoustic Navigation Method Based on the Doppler Principle Abstract   PDF
Sen Zhang, Kun Fang, Jinsong Tang
Vol 19, No 2: August 2020 A new variants of quasi-newton equation based on the quadratic function for unconstrained optimization Abstract   PDF
Basim Abbas Hassan, Mohammed W. Taha
Vol 12, No 2: February 2014 A New Watermarking Method of 3D Mesh Model Abstract   PDF
Liu Jing, Wang Yinghui, He Wenjuan, Li Ye
Vol 15, No 1: July 2015 A Nine Level Cascaded Multi Level Inveter Using Embedded and FlipFlops Abstract   PDF
Chinnapettai Ramalingam Balamurugan, S.P. Natarajan, T.S. Anandhi, B. Shanthi
Vol 13, No 2: February 2019 A noble approach to develop dynamically scalable namenode in hadoop distributed file system using secondary storage Abstract   PDF
Tumpa Rani Shaha, Md. Nasim Akhtar, Fatema Tuj Johora, Md. Zakir Hossain, Mostafijur Rahman, R. B. Ahmad
Vol 12, No 1: January 2014 A Noise Removal Algorithm of Color Image Abstract   PDF
WANG Jianwei
Vol 10, No 4: August 2012 A Nondestructive Testing Research Based on Metal Bumper Bar System Inspired by Guided-wave Abstract   PDF
Yang Hu, Wang Cheng
Vol 12, No 3: March 2014 A Nonlinear Numerical Simulation Method of Bionic-Robot-Fish Quick Start Abstract   PDF
Chao Yang
Vol 13, No 3: March 2015 A Nonlinear System of Generalized Predictive Control Abstract   PDF
Jingfang Wang
Vol 19, No 3: September 2020 A novel academic performance estimation model using two stage feature selection Abstract   PDF
Pamela Chaudhury, Hrudaya Kumar Tripathy
Vol 11, No 12: December 2013 A Novel Adaptive Congestion Avoidance Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract   PDF
Mei-Wen Huang, Hsu-Jung Liu, Yu-Chang Chen, Wen-Shyong Hsieh
Vol 12, No 2: February 2014 A Novel Advanced Gauge Reader System Based on M-Bus Technology Abstract   PDF
Jing-Min Wang, Thomas Chen, Shieh-Shing Lin
Vol 11, No 7: July 2013 A Novel Algorithm of Internet Public Opinion Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Gensheng Wang
Vol 11, No 11: November 2013 A Novel Algorithm of Network Trade Customer Classification Based on Fourier Basis Functions Abstract   PDF
Li Xinwu, Guan Pengcheng
Vol 13, No 2: February 2015 A Novel and Advanced Data Mining Model based Hybrid Intrusion Detection Framework Abstract   PDF
K. Rajasekaran, K. Nirmala
Vol 11, No 1: July 2018 A Novel and Innovative Approach for Image Steganography with Chaos Abstract   PDF
Krishnaveni N, Sudhakar P
Vol 10, No 2: May 2018 A Novel Approach Certificate Revocation in MANET using Fuzzy logic Abstract   PDF
Jayanthi. E, Mohammed Ali Hussain
Vol 15, No 3: September 2015 A Novel Approach for Design and Analysis of Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement Abstract   PDF
Syed Ruman, Shaik Hameed
Vol 11, No 3: September 2018 A Novel Approach for Efficient Training of Deep Neural Networks Abstract   PDF
D.T.V. Dharmajee Rao, K.V. Ramana
Vol 14, No 1: April 2019 A novel approach for selective feature mechanism for two-phase intrusion detection system Abstract   PDF
B Narendra Kumar, M S V Sivarama Bhadri Raju, B Vishnu Vardhan
Vol 18, No 2: May 2020 A novel approach for the fastest MPPT tracking algorithm for a PV array fed BLDC motor driven air conditioning system Abstract   PDF
S Munisekhar, G.V Marutheswar, P Sujatha, K R Vadivelu
Vol 12, No 8: August 2014 A Novel Approach for Tumor Detection in Mammography Images Abstract   PDF
Elahe Chaghari, Abbas Karimi
Vol 14, No 1: April 2019 A novel approach of multiplier design based on BCD decoder Abstract   PDF
Salah Alkurwy
Vol 17, No 3: March 2020 A novel approach to assess radial distribution system for optimal sizing of microgrid Abstract   PDF
Shalaka Chaphekar, Anjali A. Dharme
Vol 16, No 3: December 2019 A novel approach to big data analysis using deep belief network for the detection of android malware Abstract   PDF
Uma Narayanan, Varghese Paul, Shelbi Joseph
Vol 11, No 8: August 2013 A Novel Architecture of Multi-GPU Computing Card Abstract   PDF
Sen Guo, Sanfeng Chen, YongSheng Liang
Vol 10, No 1: April 2018 A Novel Architecture of Radix-3 Singlepath Delay Feedback (R3SDF) FFT Using MCSLA Abstract   PDF
Periyarselvam K, Saravanakumar G, Anand M
Vol 12, No 4: April 2014 A novel balanced scorecard design based on fuzzy analytic network process and its application Abstract   PDF
Yuhong Cao, You Jianxin
Vol 19, No 2: August 2020 A novel bandwidth enhanced triple band antenna for satellite and airborne applications Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Ismail Mohammed
Vol 12, No 3: March 2014 A Novel Battery Equalizer for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Abstract   PDF
Yi-Fan Zhao, Fu-Wu Yan, Chang-Qing Du
Vol 15, No 3: September 2019 A novel bio- inspired algorithm for hunting in multi robot scenario Abstract   PDF
Poorva Agrawal, Himanshu Agrawal, Vidyasagar Potdar
Vol 11, No 3: March 2013 A Novel Calibrator for Electronic Transformers Based on IEC 61850 Abstract   PDF
Baoxiang PAN
Vol 12, No 6: June 2014 A Novel Clustering Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Abstract   PDF
Wu Rui
Vol 12, No 8: August 2014 A Novel Clustering Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Abstract   PDF
Wu Rui, Xia Kewen, Bai Jianchuan, Zhang Zhiwei
Vol 13, No 1: January 2015 A Novel Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Sharp Transition and Improved Stopband Abstract   PDF
Pingjuan Zhang, Minquan Li
Vol 20, No 1: October 2020 A novel comprehensive database for arabic and english off-line handwritten digits recognition Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Subhi Abdalkafor, Waleed Kareem Awad, Khattab M. Ali Alheeti
Vol 13, No 1: January 2019 A novel configuration of THz photonic transmitter Abstract   PDF
Ibtissame Moumane, Jamal Zbitou, M. Latrach, A. Errkik, O. Chakkor
Vol 12, No 6: June 2014 A Novel Control Architecture for Mission Re-Planning of AUV Abstract   PDF
Rubo Zhang, Haibo Tong, Changting Shi
Vol 7, No 2: August 2017 A Novel Control Strategy Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Compensation of Voltage Harmonics in Distribution System Abstract   PDF
Syed Suraya, P. Sujatha P, Bharat Kumar. P
Vol 15, No 3: September 2019 A novel control strategy for power quality improvement in grid-connected solar photovoltaic system Abstract   PDF
Pankaj Gakhar, Manoj Gupta
Vol 12, No 4: April 2014 A Novel Data Mining Algorithm for Mathematics Teaching Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Gang Wang
Vol 12, No 5: May 2014 A Novel Decoding Algorithm for BICM-ID Embedded Turbo Codes Abstract   PDF
Jian Wang, Jianping Li, Chaoshi Cai
Vol 11, No 7: July 2013 A Novel Design of Aircraft Fuel Tank Inspection Robot Abstract   PDF
Guochen Niu, Zunchao Zheng, Qingji Gao, Weijuan Wang, Lei Wang
Vol 11, No 4: April 2013 A novel discrete differential evolution algorithm Abstract   PDF
Lingjuan HOU, Zhijiang HOU
Vol 12, No 3: March 2014 A Novel Efficient Adaptive Sliding Window Model for Week-ahead Price Forecasting Abstract   PDF
ZHU Quan-yin, YIN Yong-hu, YAN Yun-yang, GU Tian-feng
Vol 10, No 7: November 2012 A Novel Fault Phase Selector for Double-Circuit Transmission Lines Abstract   PDF
Xing Deng, Xianggen Yin, Zhe Zhang, Xiangping Kong, Cheng Qiu
Vol 19, No 3: September 2020 A novel feature engineering algorithm for air quality datasets Abstract   PDF
Raja Sher Afgun Usmani, Wan Nurul Farah Binti Wan Azmi, Akibu Mahmoud Abdullahi, Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem, Thulasyammal Ramiah Pillai
Vol 12, No 9: September 2014 A Novel Framework for Evaluating the Software Project Management Efficiency–An Artificial Intelligence Approach Abstract   PDF
Anandhi Govindarajan
Vol 4, No 1: October 2016 A Novel Generalized Topology for Multi-level Inverter with Switched Series-Parallel DC Sources Abstract   PDF
S. Sridhar, P. Satish Kumar, M. Susham
Vol 11, No 12: December 2013 A Novel HVS-based Watermarking Scheme in Contourlet Transform Domain Abstract   PDF
Hongbo BI, Xueming LI, Yubo ZHANG
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