Analyzing and Predicting User Navigation Pattern from Weblogs using Modified Classification Algorithm

P.G. OM Prakash, A. Jaya


A Weblogs contains the history of User Navigation Pattern while user accessing the websites. The user navigation pattern can be analyzed based on the previous user navigation that is stored in weblog. The weblog comprises of various entries like IP address, status code and number of bytes transferred, categories and time stamp. The user interest can be classified based on categories and attributes and it is helpful in identifying user behavior. The aim of the research is to identifying the interested user behavior and not interested user behavior based on classification. The process of identifying user interest, it consists of Modified Span Algorithm and Personalization Algorithm based on the classification algorithm user prediction can be analyzed. The research work explores to analyze user prediction behavior based on user personalization that is captured from weblogs. 


User navigation; web mining; user behavior; traversal pattern; prediction accuracy; Data Mining.

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