Type-2 Fuzzy Logic in Pair Formation

Lakshmi Shrinivasan, J. l R. Rao


This paper gives an overview of Type-2 Fuzzy sets (T2FSs) and Type-2 fuzzy Logic system (T2FLS) considering one aviation scenario. The existing type-1 Fuzzy system has limited capability to handle the uncertainty directly. In order to overcome the limitations of Type-1 fuzzy Logic system (T1FLS), a next level of fuzzy set is introduced, that is known as T2FSs. Here we will discuss about: Type-2 fuzzy sets, type-2 membership functions, inference engine, type reduction and defuzzification. Pair formation is the undertaken aviation scenario which is very critical in a fighting situation. Crisp data are taken by the sensors of aircraft and with the techniques of data fusion, a constant decision is passed whether two aircrafts can achieve pair formation or not. Experiments are evaluated and performance is compared with ground truth and existing T1FLS, which proves better in terms of decision making while a certain amount of uncertainty is present.


IT2FLS;pair formation;T1FLS; Inference engine,;Mamdani model

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v10.i1.pp94-99


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