Image Segmentation Research Based on GA and Improved Otsu Algorithm

Xiaoqun Qin


In the face of the problem of high complexity of two-dimensional Otsu adaptive threshold algorithm, a new fast and effective Otsu image segmentation algorithm is proposed based on genetic algorithm. This algorithm replaces the segmentation threshold of the traditional two - dimensional Otsu method by finding the threshold of two one-dimensional Otsu method, it reduces the computational complexity of the partition from O (L4) to O (L). In order to ensure the integrity of the segmented object, the algorithm introduces the concept of small dispersion in class, and the automatic optimization of parameters are achieved by genetic algorithm. Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that the algorithm is not only better than the original two-dimensional Otsu algorithm, but also it has better segmentation effect.


Image segmentation, Two-dimensional histogram, Otsu algorithm, Scattered measure within clusters, Genetic algorithm.

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