Multiple DG Planning Considering Distribution Loss and Penetration Level using EMEFA-ANN Method

S. R. A. Rahim, I. Musirin, M. M. Othman, M. H. Hussain


This paper presents the implementation of multiple distributed generation planning in distribution system using computational intelligence technique. A pre-developed computational intelligence optimization technique named as Embedded Meta EP-Firefly Algorithm (EMEFA) was utilized to determine distribution loss and penetration level for the purpose of distributed generation (DG) installation. In this study, the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) was used in order to solve the complexity of the multiple DG concept. EMEFA-ANN was developed to optimize the weight of the ANN to minimize the mean squared error. The proposed method was validated on IEEE 69 Bus distribution system with several load variations scenario. The case study was conducted based on the multiple unit of DG in distribution system by considering the DGs are modeled as type I which is capable of injecting real power. Results obtained from the study could be utilized by the utility and energy commission for loss reduction scheme in distribution system.

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