Analysis of Fingerprint Image Enhancement using Gabor Filtering with Different Orientation Field Values

Pakutharivu P, Srinath M. V


Fingerprint image enhancement is the key process in IAFIS systems.  In order to reduce false identification ratio and to supply good fingerprint images to IAFIS systems for exact identification, fingerprint images are generally enhanced.  A filtering process tries to filter out the noise from the input image, and emphasize on low, high and directional spatial frequency components of an image.  This paper presents an experimental summary of enhancing fingerprint images using Gabor filters.  Frequency, width and window domain filter ranges are fixed. The orientation angle alone is modified by 0 radians, ,   and  radians. The experimental results show that Gabor filter enhances the fingerprint image in a better way than other filtering methods and extracts features. 


Biometrics, Fingerprints, Digital image processing, Gabor filter, Fast fourier transform, Image enhancement

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