Prioritized Sweeping Reinforcement Learning Based Routing for MANETs

Rahul M Desai, B P Patil


In this paper, prioritized sweeping confidence based dual reinforcement learning based adaptive network routing is investigated. Shortest Path routing is always not suitable for any wireless mobile network as in high traffic conditions, shortest path will always select the shortest path which is in terms of number of hops, between source and destination thus generating more congestion. In prioritized sweeping reinforcement learning method, optimization is carried out over confidence based dual reinforcement routing on mobile ad hoc network and path is selected based on the actual traffic present on the network at real time. Thus they guarantee the least delivery time to reach the packets to the destination. Analysis is done on 50 Nodes Mobile ad hoc networks with random mobility. Various performance parameters such as Interval and number of nodes are used for judging the network. Packet delivery ratio, dropping ratio and delay shows optimum results using the prioritized sweeping reinforcement learning method.

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