Notification of Data Congestion Intimation [NDCI] for IEEE 802.11 Adhoc Network with Power Save Mode

Azeem Mohammed Abdul, Syed Umar


IEEE 802.11-power save mode (PSM) independent basic service set (IBSS) Save, the time is divided into intervals of the signals. At the beginning of each interval signal and power saving alarm periodically all open windows (vocals). The station will be in competition with the rest of the frame window frame sent voice data leakage range. Element depends frame transmission IEEE CSMA / CA as defined in 802.11 DCF. A chance of transmit voice frames type of collision energy IBSS success. This article gives an analysis model with a chance of success output transmission window fixed size element. The results of the simulation analysis of the accuracy of the analysis.


DCF, Adhoc netwoks. IEEE 802.11.

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