Modelling of Single Stage Inverter for PV System Using Optimization Algorithm

Karthick S P, Karthigaivel R, Helen Catherine R L


MPPT control algorithm and lossless inverter can be improving the efficiency of photovoltaic system. Amount of solar radiation exposed on the panel is affected by buildings and tree shadows. Such partially shaded cells lead to the existence of multiple mpps and the problem can be regarded as an optimization problem. The control algorithm named seeker optimization algorithm (soa) is implemented in this paper to find the global mpp instead local maxima obtained in case of conventional perturbation and observation (p&o) method, incremental conductance and other solution methodologies. Switching losses are minimized by single stage inverter configuration. The proposed system output voltage is a rectified sine wave. Simulation model is developed in psim that couples soa algorithm coded in matlab. Finally it will improve the overall efficiency and reduce the switching losses of the solar photovoltaic system.

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