Implementation of a File System with Encryption and De-duplication

Xiaoning Jiang, Xian Jiang, Wenhua Zhou, Yang Leng


With the rapid advance of society, especially the development of computer technology, network technology and information technology, there is an increasing demand for systems that can provide secure data storage in a cost-effective manner. In this paper, we propose a prototype file system called EDFS (Encryption and De-duplication File System), which provides both data security and space efficiency in storage systems. We adopt de-duplication technology called CDC (Content-Defined Chunking) to chunk the file and compute its unique fingerprint, lookup different blocks, then store different blocks on server to ensure storage efficiency. Thinking of security, we use convergent encryption to encrypt data blocks, which not only ensure data security but also improve the possibility of de-duplication. Finally, we describe a prototype implementation of EDFS based on FUSE [1] and present an analysis of the potential effectiveness, using real data obtained from a runtime database.


Chunking, Convergent Encryption, File System, Backup

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