Hybrid fuzzy logic and gravitational search algorithm based routing for wireless sensor networks

Shwetha Golluchinnappanahalli Ramappa, Murthy Subbarao Venkata Narayana


Over the recent years, the wireless sensor network (WSN) has garnered significant attention from both researchers and the general populace. Its application in diverse environmental scenarios, including weather monitoring, temperature regulation, humidity tracking, and military surveillance, extends beyond conventional boundaries. WSNs consist of numerous nodes, each functioning as a sensor with the primary responsibility of data sensing. These nodes operate under constraints such as power, energy, efficiency, and deployment considerations. Moreover, the power and other resources cannot be replaced and renewed therefore prolonging the network lifetime has become the main aspect of WSNs. Energy aware routing play’s important role to ensure the efficient data transmission with minimal power consumption and ensures the prolonged network lifetime. In this work, we focus on optimizing the routing process therefore we present a hybrid model which uses fuzzy logic for path identification and gravitational search optimization (GSA) for efficient path selection. The fuzzy logic considers energy consumption, residual energy, distance and delay parameters to identify the most suitable path for data transmission. The experimental analysis shows a significant improvement in network lifetime, delay an aspect delivery.


Base station; Cluster head; Fuzzy logic; Gravitational search algorithm; Particle swarm optimization; Wireless sensor network

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i2.pp1296-1310


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