Edge-platforms based decision-support approach for solar panels inspection with YOLOv8 deep neural-network

Hajar El Karch, Abdelkader Mezouari, Youssef Natij, Rachid El Gouri


This paper presents an innovative AI-based method for autonomous inspection, designed to enhance energy production efficiency by optimizing cleaning strategies for soiled photovoltaic panels, using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze panel conditions and environmental factors in real-time, allowing for targeted cleaning interventions. Based on the advanced YOLOv8 deep learning algorithm and computer vision approach, the proposed method offers distinct advantages in real-time detection and classification of various types of soiling and dust accumulation compared on solar panels to traditional methods, and underwent satisfactory testing across diverse scenarios. The NVIDIA Jetson Nano, the Raspberry Pi4 embedded devices, and the Raspberry Pi4 combined with NCS2 accelerator are used for implementing our approach. A comparison aims to provide a detailed exploration of the most suitable embedded platform for deploying our advanced system was discussed. This comparison considers processing speed and accuracy, energy consumption, and overall performance in executing the computationally intensive tasks. The results demonstrate that our model achieves high accuracy in detecting soiling and enhancing the model's detection speed. With an average precision of 99.5%, this approach ensures accurate fault identification, underscoring the effectiveness of computer vision using deep learning algorithms for detection tasks across a wide range of scenarios.


Deep learning; Embedded edge platforms; Image processing; PV panels cleaning; Soiling detection; YOLOv8 network

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i2.pp853-866


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