Factors driving business intelligence adoption: an extended technology-organization-environment framework

Radhakrishnan Subramaniam, Prashobhan Palakeel, Manimuthu Arunmozhi, Manikandan Sridharan, Uthayakumar Marimuthu


Business intelligence (BI) is a vital component for businesses of all scales, offering actionable insights crucial for timely decision-making. This technology has become integral across diverse enterprises. Recognizing the factors influencing BI adoption is imperative, and this article employs the organization, complexity, knowledge, technology, user perception and experience, economic, environmental, and social (OCKTUEES) framework to identify key aspects. Building upon the TOE framework, it pinpoints significant variables, emphasizing the importance of factors like user perception and experience, technology, social, economical, and environmental. Employing structural equation modelling on primary data yields actionable insights to address BI adoption challenges. Analysis reveals the user perception and experience, technology, social, economic, and environmental as the top factors. However, the organization appears vulnerable, necessitating a mitigation strategy for successful BI adoption. The study predicts insignificant variables requiring mitigation, such as high costs, inadequate resources, organizational size, security and privacy concerns, risk of open-source adoption, and perception of analytics impacting jobs. This research aids those navigating the BI implementation journey.


Adoption framework; BI drivers; Business intelligence; Organizational adoption; Technology adoption; TOE

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i3.pp1893-1903


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