Semi-decentralized Lyapunov-based formation control of multiple omnidirectional mobile robots

Hendi Wicaksono Agung, Fransisco Jordan


This paper introduces an advanced formation control algorithm based on a Lyapunov approach for coordinating multiple omnidirectional mobile robots in collaborative object transport tasks. The semi-decentralized strategy ensures that the robots maintain a predefined geometric formation, crucial for stability during material transportation, and dynamically adapt to avoid collisions using onboard sensors. Experimental with a physical robot simulator demonstrates successful maintenance of line and triangle formations achieving an average side length maintenance of 1.00 meters with minimal deviation. Quantitative analysis across 30 experimental runs reveals consistent performance, with a maximum side length fluctuation of only 2 centimeters, validating the effectiveness of maintaining formation within a multi-robot system (MRS) framework. The Lyapunov-based approach proves to be an efficient method for cooperative object transport, achieving consistent performance with minimal deviation.


Cooperative mobile robots; Formation maintenance; Lyapunov-based control; Multi-robot system; Object transport; Semi-decentralized

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