Improved DAG in blockchain tangle for IOTA

Eugene Rhee, Jihoon Lee


The internet of things (IoT) enables machine-to-machine communication without human intervention. Consequently, every object connected to the internet can exchange information with each other. Internet of things application (IOTA) has undertaken a project to address the high transaction fees inherent in traditional blockchain systems and enhance the efficiency of microtransactions between machines by combining blockchain and IoT. IOTA employs its unique Tangle technology, which introduces a novel transaction consensus method, addressing the fee issues, limited scalability, and the inability to conduct offline transactions associated with traditional blockchains. This paper provides a detailed overview of the characteristics of the Tangle structure and the concepts applied in IOTA. Additionally, it explores potential approaches for integrating blockchain into IoT.


Blockchain; Directed acyclic graph; IoT; IOTA; Tangle

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