Design and implementation of duty cycle-based futuristic clustering technique in WSN

Trupti Shripad Tagare, Rajashree Narendra


In recent times, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and their applications have exhibited a remarkable surge. These networks strive to devise and implement strategies that optimize network energy utilization, thereby extending their operational lifespan. An energy efficient network can be achieved using renewable source of energy and by controlling the duty cycle of nodes. The pivotal role of duty cycle in curtailing energy consumption in WSNs cannot be overstated. In this work, we introduce a novel duty cycle based futuristic clustering technique (DCBFCT) employing a nearest neighbor approach. This technique selectively induces sleep and awake modes in nodes, effectively minimizing the network’s overall energy consumption and, consequently, prolonging its lifespan. It calculates optimal node duty cycle values based on distance. Results demonstrate a substantial reduction in energy consumption, exhibiting an improved network lifetime. Empirical results presented in this study not only affirm the effectiveness of DCBFCT but also contribute valuable insights toward the development of sustainable and resilient WSNs in the era of burgeoning sensor network applications. The experimentation is conducted using the MATLAB/Simulink tool, considering diverse cases. The scalability and versatility of DCBFCT make it suitable for deployment in real-world applications, ranging from environmental monitoring to industrial automation.


Cluster head; Clustering; Duty cycle; Energy efficiency; Heterogeneity; Lifetime; Wireless sensor network

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