Plant pathology identification using local-global feature level based on transformer

Manh-Hung Ha, Duc-Chinh Nguyen, Manh-Tuan Do, Dinh-Thai Kim, Xuan-Hai Le, Ngoc-Thanh Pham


Deep learning plays a crucial role in addressing the challenge of plant disease identification in the field of agriculture. Detecting diseases in plants requires extensive effort, along with a comprehensive understanding of various plant diseases and increased processing time. Balancing both speed and accuracy in predicting leaf diseases in plants can significantly improve crop production and reduce environmental damage. In this paper, we examined deseases on popular plants in agriculture. We proposed a novel model to predict crop pathology on a feature space of global-local based on transformer aggregation. Paticular, we use refined feature of different layer to correlate semantics from high-level feature and low-level feature. Besides, to capture the extended temporal scale across the entire image, we employ a transformer to discern long-range dependencies among frames. Subsequently, the enhanced features incorporating these dependencies are inputted into a classifier for preliminary crop pathology prediction. The plant village dataset and VietNam strawberry disease (VNStr) dataset were utilized for training and disease classification in the experiments. Extensive experiments show that the proposed method outperforms by 99.18% and 94.05% accuracy in plant village and VNStr, respectivly. The model after being judged was applied on Android devices and therefore is easy to use.


Attention; Convolutional neural network; Deep learning; Image classification; Local-global feature

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