PQ enhancement in grid connected EV charging station using novel GVCR control algorithm for AUPQC device

Anil Kumar Dharavatu, Srinu Naik Ramavathu


The rapid increase of environmental impacts together global warming is conquered by substantial selection of electric-vehicles (EV’s) over the internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The replacement of these vehicles in transportation industry has led to reducing the running cost, ecological emissions, vehicle maintenance. The EV’s are operated by available battery energy and energized through utility-grid integrated EV charging stations. It is noted that, such charging stations may introduce power-quality issues, highly impacting the electric-grid due to presence of power electronic conversion devices in EV charging stations. The primary emphasis of power-quality impacts on electrical distribution grid are counteracted by employing active universal power-quality conditioner (AUPQC) device. The main role of AUPQC has been selected for mitigation of various PQ problems on both electric-grid side and charging station by using feasible control objective. In this work, a novel generalized voltage-current reference (GVCR) control objective has been proposed for extraction of fundamental reference voltage-current signals. The key findings are simple mathematical notations, no transformations, fast response, low dv/dt switch stress, low switching loss and maximum efficiency. The main goal is design, operation and performance of proposed GVCR controlled AUPQC device has been validated under integration of various EV chargers to electric-grid by using MATLAB/Simulink computing tool, simulation results are presented for analysis and interpretation.


AUPQC device; Electric vehicles; Grid powered charging stations; GVCR control scheme; Power-quality enhancement

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i1.pp1-13


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