A hybrid framework for routing and channel assignment in WMN’s

Sheenam Sheenam, Raman Chadha


Wireless mesh network (WMNs) can replace the physical existence of wired network; nevertheless, to solve the problem of traffic and congestion, they must carefully arrange radio resource assignment. In this paper, we focus on the major issues while transferring the data over the network and optimization of resources. WMN mainly suffers from congestion problem when numbers of channel transfer data at a same time which indirectly leads to overlapping channels and sometime data cannot be mitigated to destination. To overcome this problem and provide optimal solution we proposed hybrid channel assignment technique which offers four phase solution technique, in this technique firstly by mitigating the traffic than assigning the optimal path based on greedy and BFS. The purpose of this congestion control hybrid ant based greedy-BFS-load balancing (CCHAGBL) technique is to diminish the number of used slots, which is directly related to the overall resource assignment. We also provide optimal solution using Ant colony optimization technique with hybrid algorithm to achieve the network efficiency and resource utilization with randomly generated traffic. With the help of hybrid ant based greedy-BFS-load balancing (GBL) channel assignment algorithm throughput and packet delivery ratio is upgraded and delay is reduced to minimum.


Ant colony optimization; Breath first search; Congestion; Greedy algorithm; Load balancing; Wireless mesh network

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i2.pp1226-1234


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