The 3D Modeling of Cutting Force in High-speed Milling for Flat Mill

Yueqi Guan, Hanqing Guan, Gaosheng Wang, Ping Yuan


Aiming at the varying cutting features of depth and thickness in high-speed milling, using mathematical methods to model the theoretical three-dimensional model of calculating cutting forces based on the machining principle. First of all, according to the oblique cutting model, a cutting force model of flank edge was presented. The differential method was used in this process. The model was approached with calculating instantaneous chip thickness based on real tooth trajectory. Secondly, the chisel edge for differential along the vertical direction of cutting edges according to the orthogonal cutting model, calculating the cutting force of the infinitesimal. The cutting force model of chisel edge was constructed by the integral method. Merging the both upon, then the three-dimensional cutting force model is established. In the end, the model was programmed by means of the software Matlab. The result indicates that the numerical results agree well with experimental data, and the foundation of the cutter’s stress field can be laid by this model.


High-speed end mill, cutting force, Model, Matlab

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