A decentralized HC-ADMM approach for large antenna arrays

Jyothi B. R., Manjanaik Naganaik


This work addresses the evolving landscape of internet of things (IoT) applications and large antenna array systems, where optimizing spectral efficiency and simplifying design complexities are crucial. Focusing on two key challenges, the study introduces a novel hybrid analog-digital transceiver strategy tailored for frequency-selective channels. By integrating Shannon and Hartley theorems, the approach enhances data transfer rates, thereby optimizing radio frequency (RF) chain utilization in large-scale antennas. To achieve a balance between transceiver performance and hardware complexity, the study employs a decentralized alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) framework. The proposed hybrid consensus ADMM algorithm (HC-ADMM) ensures efficient convergence in decentralized optimization scenarios. Comparative analyses with ADMM and existing system transceiver optimization (ESTO) models highlight HC-ADMM's superior performance across key metrics such as spectral efficiency, efficiency per cell, total efficiency, and optimal scheduling of user equipment (UEs). Particularly notable is HC-ADMM's advanced optimization capabilities as the number of transmit antennas increases, positioning it as a promising approach for enhancing overall communication network performance.


ADMM; Data transfer; Radio frequency chain; Spectral efficiency; Transceiver

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i2.pp795-805


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