Smart livestock management: integrating IoT for cattle health diagnosis and disease prediction through machine learning

Satyaprakash Swain, Binod Kumar Pattnayak, Mihir Narayan Mohanty, Suvendra Kumar Jayasingh, Kumar Janardan Patra, Chittaranjan Panda


Cattle diseases can significantly impact on livestock health and agricultural productivity is substantial. Timely detection and prognosis of these diseases are essential for prompt interventions and preventing their spread within the herd. This study delved into employing machine learning models to anticipate cattle diseases based on relevant parameters. These parameters encompass milk fever, milk clots, milk watery, milk flake, blisters, lameness, stomach pain, gaseous stomach, dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal issues, and alkalosis. A dataset of 2,000 samples from diverse cattle populations was amassed, each tagged with the presence or absence of specific diseases. The primary goal was to compare the efficacy of five well-known machine learning models: Naïve Bayes multinomial (NBM), lazy-IBk, partial tree (PART), random forest (RF), and support vector machine (SVM). The findings underscored the consistent superiority of RF in comparison to the other models, boasting the highest accuracy in predicting cattle diseases. The RF model exhibited an accuracy rate of 88% on the test dataset. This achievement can be ascribed to its capacity to handle intricate interactions among input features and mitigate over fitting through ensemble learning. These insights can furnish valuable information about early indicators and risk factors associated with diverse cattle diseases.


Boosting models; Cattle health analysis; Ensemble learning; IoT; Machine learning

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