Intelligent-of-things multiagent system for smart home energy monitoring

Ratna kumari Vemuri, Chinni Bala Vijaya Durga, Syed Abuthahir Syed Ibrahim, Nagaraju Arumalla, Senthilvadivu Subramanian, Lakshmi Bhukya


The proliferation of IoT devices has ushered in a new era of smart homes, where efficient energy management is a paramount concern. Multiagent artificial intelligence-of-things (MAIoT) has emerged as a promising approach to address the complex challenges of smart home energy management. This research study examines MAIoT's components, functioning, benefits, and drawbacks. MAIoT systems improve energy efficiency and user comfort by combining multiagent systems and IoT devices. However, privacy, security, interoperability, scalability, and user acceptability must be addressed. As technology advances, MAIoT in smart home energy management will offer more sophisticated and adaptable solutions to cut energy consumption and promote sustainability. This article describes how energy status and internal pricing signals affect group intelligent decision making and the interaction dynamics between consumers or decision makers. In a multiagent configuration based on the new concept of artificial intelligence-of-things, this intelligent home energy management challenge is simulated and illustrated using software and hardware. Based on sufficient experimental simulations, this paper suggested that residential clients can significantly improve their economic benefit and decision-making efficiency.


Artificial intelligence; Artificial intelligence-of-things; Energy management security; Multiagent; Smart home

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