Water quality monitoring with an early warning system for enhancing the shrimp aquaculture production

Guruh Aryotejo, Prajanto Wahyu Adi, Eko Adi Sarwoko


Aquaculture provided 43% of the aquatic animal food consumed by humans in 2007, and it is anticipated to expand even more to meet the increasing future demand. Marine Science Techno Park (MSTP) is one of the Techno Parks in Indonesia and is located in Teluk Awur, Jepara. MSTP has an intensive system of Vannamei shrimp farming activities. The challenge that has been faced annually is the organic matter of the remaining shrimp feed that accumulates in the waters can cause a decrease in pond water quality. Ammonia-N anions derived from the decomposition of feed residues can cause toxins in shrimp culture ponds which can further interfere with shrimp survival. The objective of this study is to design a self-controlled water quality monitoring system that is equipped with an early warning system based on internet of things (IoT) and to implement the design for analyzing the water quality including dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, and temperature in the Vannamei farming pond of MSTP UNDIP through integrating IoT which is equipped with an early warning system. If the water quality reaches a threshold value, the monitoring system will send a sound signal to the buzzer followed by sending an alert notification in real-time conditions automatically to a smartphone.


Early warning system; ESP32; Internet of things; Monitoring system; Water quality

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v34.i2.pp1042-1051


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