Lexicon-grammar tables standardization and implementation

Asmaa Kourtin, Asmaa Amzali, Mohammed Mourchid, Abdelaziz Mouloudi, Samir Mbarki


The lexicon-grammar approach is a very important linguistic approach in automatic natural language processing (NLP). It allows for the description of the lexicon of the language through readable and intuitive tables for human manual editing. However, the automatic use of the lexicon-grammar tables in the automatic NLP platforms remains difficult, given the incompatibility between the codes used to represent the properties in the lexicon-grammar tables and those used to represent the properties in the automatic NLP platforms. In this work, we present our method of standardizing the lexicon-grammar tables for the French language, since they constitute very rich lexical, syntactic, and semantic linguistic resources. First, we standardize their properties so that they can be compatible with those used in the NLP platforms. Then, to implement the standardized tables, we used a linguistic platform such as NooJ. For that, we describe the process of integrating these tables into this platform through the automatic generation of the dictionaries from these tables. Finally, to test the efficiency of the generated dictionaries, we create for some of them syntactic grammars that take into account all the grammatical, syntactic, and semantic information contained in the dictionaries.


C1D table; Electronic dictionary; Lexicon-grammar table; Natural language processing; NooJ platform; Syntactic and semantic analysis; Syntactic grammar

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i2.pp1243-1251


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