A novel artificial intelligent-based approach for real time prediction of telecom customer’s coming interaction

Reyad Hussien, Mohamed Mahgoub, Shahenda Youssef, Ashraqat Torky, Nermin K. Negied


Predicting customer’s behavior is one of the great challenges and obstacles for business nowadays. Companies take advantage of identifying these future behaviors to optimize business outcomes and create more powerful marketing strategies. This work presents a novel real-time framework that can predict the customer’s next interaction and the time of that interaction (when that interaction takes place). Furthermore, an extensive data exploratory analysis is performed to gain more insights from the data to identify the important features. Transactional data and static profile data are integrated to feed a deep learning model which is implemented using two methodologies: time-series approach and statistical approach. It is found that the time-series approach gives the best performance and fulfills all the requirements. The experiments show that the proposed framework introduces a good overall performance in comparison to existing approaches based on standard metrics like accuracy and mean absolute error (MAE) values. What makes the proposed work novel and special is that it is the first approach that addresses the telecom customer’s next future interaction not just churn prediction like the other approaches in literature.


Churn Prediction; Next InteChurn prediction; Convolutional neural networks; Gated recurrent units; Machine learninraction Prediction; Statistical analysis; Time series analysis; Gated Recurrent Units (GRUs); Convolutional Neural Networks; Machine learning

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i1.pp540-556


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