Academic assistance chatbot-a comprehensive NLP and deep learning-based approaches

Nermin K. Negied, Sara H. Anwar, Karim M. Abouaish, Emil M. Matta, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Amr K. Farouq


The rapid growth of digital technologies and natural language processing (NLP) have revolutionized the field of education, creating new demand for automated academic assistance systems. In this paper, we present an NLP-based academic assistance chatbot designed to provide comprehensive support to students and researchers using deep learning techniques.
The chatbot incorporates a range of intelligent features to assist with university recommendations, article writing, automatic question answering (QA), and job search. By leveraging sentiment analysis and sarcasm detection models. The proposed chatbot could offer accurate and insightful university recommendations. Additionally, the chatbot incorporates spell and grammar checking, summarization, paraphrasing, and topic modeling capabilities to aid users in enhancing their writing skills. The QA module enables users to obtain quick and precise answers to factoid-based questions. Moreover, the chatbot helps with internships and job search. According to literature, this work presents the first assistance chatbot that encapsulates all features that may be needed by a university student to facilitate and improve his/her learning process. The results demonstrated clearly in the body of the paper showed the success achieved by the academic assistant proposed and built in this work in all its features or modules to offer help to university students and graduates.


Chatbot; Deep learning; Job matching; Question answering; Sentiment analysis; Summarization; Text paraphrasing

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