Forecast earthquake precursor in the Flores Sea

Adi Jufriansah, Ade Anggraini, Zulfakriza Zulfakriza, Azmi Khusnani, Yudhiakto Pramudya


Artificial intelligence (AI) can use seismic training data to discover relationships between inputs and outcomes in real-world applications. Despite this, particularly when using geographical data, it has not been used to predict earthquakes in the Flores Sea. The algorithm will read the seismic data as a pattern of iterations throughout the operation. The output data is created by grouping based on clusters using the most effective WCSS analysis, while the input features are derived from the original international resource information system (IRIS) web service data. Given that earthquake prediction is an effort to reduce seismic disasters, this research is essential. By generating predictions, it can reduce the devastation caused by earthquakes. Using the support vector machine (SVM), hyperparameter support vector machine (HP-SVM), and particle swarm optimization support vector machine (PSO-SVM) algorithms, this study seeks to forecast the Flores Sea earthquake. According to the estimation results, the SVM algorithm’s evaluation value is less precise than that of the HP-SVM, especially the linear HP-SVM and HP-SVM Polynomial models. However, the HP-SVM RBF model’s accuracy rating is identical to that of the traditional SVM model.
The improvement of the PSO-SVM model, which has the finest gamma position and a value of 9.


Artificial intelligence; Earthquake; HP-SVM algorithm; PSO-SVM algorithm; SVM algorithm

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