Cumulative error correction of inertial navigation systems using LIDAR sensors and extended Kalman filter

Silmi Ath Thahirah Al Azhima, Dadang Lukman Hakim, Robby Ikhfa Nulfatwa, Nurul Fahmi Arief Hakim, Mariya Al Qibtiya


Autonomous robots have gained significant attention in research due to their ability to facilitate human work. Navigation systems, particularly localization, present a challenge in autonomous robots. The inertial navigation system is a localization system that uses inertial sensors and a wheel odometer to estimate the robot’s relative position to the initial position. However, the system is susceptible to continuous error accumulation over time due to factors like sensor noise and wheel slip. To address these issues, external sensors are required to measure the robot’s position in the environment. The extended Kalman filter (EKF) method is utilized to estimate the robot’s position based on wheel odometer and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensor measurements. In the prediction stage, the input to the EKF is the position measurement from the wheel odometer, while the LIDAR sensor’s position measurement is used in the update stage to improve the prediction stage results. The test results reveal that the EKF’s estimated position has a lower average error compared to the position measurement using the wheel odometer. Therefore, it can be concluded that the EKF technique is effectively applied to the robot and can correct the wheel odometer's cumulative error with the assistance of the LIDAR sensor.


Extended Kalman filter; LIDAR; Localization; Robotic; Wheel odometer

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