A novel 7-level reduced-switch MLI topology fed PMSM drive for electric vehicle system

Chinta Anil Kumar, Kandasamy Jothinathan, Lingineni Shanmukha Rao


The compact and efficient design motivates the renewable energy-powered permanent magnet synchronous motor drive for electric vehicle applications. The available renewable energy is interfaced with a power drive by employing an electronic commutator such as a conventional 3-level inverter. But, the multilevel inverter produces favorable merits by producing staircase output voltage from several input direct current (DC) sources. The cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter plays a significant role in many applications, but it was developed only for limited voltage levels. The major problem in cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter (CHBMLI) requires more switching devices for higher voltage levels, which increases the size, cost and space of the electric vehicle (EV). To overcome above-mentioned problems, a new objective has been developed by employing the novel Reduced-switch multilevel inverter topology for higher voltage levels. This improves the voltage quality and reducing the harmonic level, and common-mode voltage issues. The main contribution of this work is, developing the novel 5-level, 7-level reduced-switch multilevel inverter (RSMLI) topologies with reduced switching devices with favourable merits over CHBMLI topology. Finally, the performance of proposed novel 5-level and 7-level RSMLI topologies fed PMSM drive for EV system has been verified, by using MATLAB/Simulink computing tool, and simulation results are presented with comparisons.


Electric vehicles; Multilevel inverters; PMSM drive; Reduced-switch topology; Total harmonic distortion

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i2.pp746-756


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